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General Rules

Post by WhiteKing on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:08 pm

These are the official rules and regulations of the Clockwork Systems forum. You may be banned if you do not comply with the following.


  • Please be respectful and polite to all of your fellow Clockwork members. Friendly battles and smack talk is permitted, but bullying and harassment is in no way tolerated.

  • Put all of your replies into the proper thread or board. (For example, a strategy discussion on how to ally with another guild should be placed inside of your guild's thread, and not in the "general" tab of your Kingdom)

  • All threads containing 18+ material (text that contains sexual or suggestively sexual activity, etc. If you are unsure of what qualifies as 18+ material, please refer here or contact a Council Member) MUST be marked as 18+ or mature. If you do not mark your thread as 18+ or mature, or you post 18+ material outside of a marked thread, then your post WILL be removed and you may be banned.
    Pornographic images or links to pornographic images/video WILL be removed, even in an 18+ thread. Repeat offenders of the rule WILL be banned.

  • Spam is absolutely NOT permitted. If you repeat spam threads, you WILL be banned.

  • Advertisements to your guild, account, shop, thread, etc. should be placed within the "Advertisements" thread. Do not advertise outside of this thread, or your post will be removed. Please do not spam links while in the Advertisement thread.

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